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This homepage was initiall develoved to highlight the hobby of collecting of camera equipment and ephemera made by Asahi Optical Company (AOC) and Pentax Corporation. I have some of my long past articles and literary ramblings on the subject. Hopefully, you will find something useful here. This homepage will also serve for my other photographic interests: early American photography and photographic equipment, collecting stereoviews, and, Gettysburg Battlefield images. Finally, I may occasionally have some interesting photographic items for sale or trade. If these sound like interesting places to go, then just make your choice below.



Pentax Collector Starter Page


Articles for Pentax Collectors


Special Article On Tower Asahiflex Cameras


Asahiflex & Pre-1959 Collector Book


Pentax Collector Network Page


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Gettysburg Battlefield Images


Camera Items for Sale or Trade


Asahi Optical Historical Club Information Page


Special Use Zone - Weird Stuff


Luna's Page


Cool Camera Links


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Fabulous Book on Pentax Screw Mount Cameras




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