NGC 2419 - The Intergalactic Wanderer
An exceedingly distant and dim globular cluster. According to Burnham's Celestial Handbook, one which is more properly described as wandering between galaxies than being associated with the Milkyway. The SEDS catalogue places it at about 300,000 ly, nearly twice the distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud.

  • RA: 7:38
  • Dec: 38:43
  • Size: 4.1'
  • Magnitude: 10.4
  • Distance: 295,000 ly
  • Constellation: Lynx
  • Millennium Star Atlas: Vol. I, p. 87,107
  • Scope: 8" SCT at f/11
  • Autoguider: ST-4 in average mode
  • Sky conditions: Cold (19 deg. F), moderate transparency, excellent seeing
  • Film: Fuji Super G 800+
  • Exposure: 20 minutes
  • Date: 2-13-99

As always, shooting globulars first while waiting for the evening temperature to stabilize. There aren't that many globulars visible in the winter sky so I figured I'd try for one of the really dim ones and see what happened.

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