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Richard Tevia Daniel (1862-1949); b. Aug 11, 1862, Pumkinville, Monroe County, KY; d. 1949 in Miami, FL, buried in the Daniel's Cemetery Plot in Tulsa, OK.

Brief Biography:

Richard Tevia Daniel (1862-1949) was born in rural KY (Pumpkinville, Monroe County). His family moved to California in 1886 and on to Spokane, WA a year later. He became active in building first in that city where he erected several business buildings and hotels. While there he served in the Washington Militia and was decorated as a colonel. From that time onward many of his peers knew him as "Colonel" Daniel.

Following the panic of 1893 he built the Trail Hotel in the mining town of that name in British Columbia. As of 2002 the Trail Hotel still stands and he is considered to be a founding father of that town.

One day, while taking a Sunday drive near Spokane, he looked up and saw the business district on fire. He immediately caught a train bound for the lumber region of Cour-d'Alene, Idaho where he contracted for all available lumber prior to anyone hearing about the fire. He returned to Spokane and profited on the sale of lumber to the extent that he was able to replace his own property out of pocket.

Articles in the Trail Times portray him as a brash but successful young man who was continually looking for an opportunity to better himself. He was, at that time, illiterate, and took pains to hide that fact. However, around 1896 he had built his business enough to take off for a period of two years and remedy his lack of a formal education. He hired a retired college professor and the two of them moved to Portland, Oregon where Daniel was tutored while he entrusted his business dealings to his brother.

He left Trail on the advice of the president of the railroad and traveled to Havana, Cuba to investigate business prospects there, but chose to settle in Miami, FL where he built the Seminole Hotel, among others. In 1900 he went with a delegation of the Rivers and Harbors Congress to Washington, D.C. where they sought permission and funding for a deep harbor in Biscayne Bay. The result is now called Government Cut and it became one of the most profitible cruise and cargo ship ports in the United States. While in Washington City (as it was then called) he met and married Gertrude Phillips, youngest daughter of the U.S. Solicitor General, Samuel Field Phillips.

In 1905 Daniel was active in the Everglades Drainage Committee of which he was Head. Desecendant, Virginia Lynn (Daniel) (Matthews) "Ginny" Henley has a photograph of that group which included Governor Broward, J.H. Tatum, Moore and Wright.

The Daniel Building in Miami housed Byrons Department Store, owned by Byron Freeland who became a lifelong friend.

In 1911 he heard about a booming oil town in Oklahoma called Tulsa and moved his family there. In one year he erected 13 business buildings in that city, one of which was a 10 story office building, the Daniel Building.

In 1919 he moved his family to Dallas where he resided until he had a stroke in 1942. During those years he and Gertrude divorced and she moved back to Tulsa with her children, about 1926.

Daniel was taken, by his request, back to live in Miami where he hoped to regain his health.

Wm. H. Daniel, his son, also remembers that the family moved to Los Angeles for a period of 4 years during his childhood, somewhere between 1913 and 1926. It was a measure taken by R.T. Daniel to please his wife and save their flagging marriage.

During the 1920's Daniel traveled the world, three times circling the globe. His travel columns appeared in Miami, Dallas and Tulsa newspapers.

Daniel died the only resident of his Seminole Hotel in 1949 with his son William by his side. The newspapers called him a recluse millionaire who kept the place to himself. Truth was that the hotel was not making money because of its downtown location and he closed the doors so as not to lose more.

He was buried in Tulsa Memorial Gardens where Daniels continue to be buried. Pallbearers at his funeral were Dr. Robert E. Lee Rhodes, Glenn Condon, Seth M. Hughes, A.C. Saunders.

Richard's parents lived in Nobob, KY where his father, William Henry Daniel, was Postmaster and owned a retail store. W. H. Daniel was born in VA and had moved to KY. Richard's mother, Permelia Hutchens was born and raised in Burksville, Cumberland County, KY, daughter of Hamilton I. Hutchens, and Lucy A. Pace. William Henry and Permelia (Hutchens) Daniel had 5 children:


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