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Family Reunion

The 1998 TRAUTLEIN Family Reunion will be held July 31, August 1 & 2 at the Cayuga Nature Center. The Helen Marie DeGraff Family will host the event.

The 1997 TRAUTLEIN Family Reunion, hosted by the Robert F. branch, came off with out a hitch this year.

Fred & Les arrived at the Cayuga Nature Center shortly before 6:00 PM on Friday July 25, to secure the premises. Shortly there after, the rest of the family began to arrive. By Saturday morning, all 17 members of "Evie's crew" had assembled for the gathering. Everyone pitched in to pull off one of the smoothest running, most relaxing reunions ever. Of course, with 15 pairs of adult hands and Christopher and Elizabeth Torrison capable assistance, we have a great crew.

The main meal was served on (or close to) schedule. Pictures went off with only a few hitches - the video is quite funny. The evening repast clicked off close to 6:00 PM. The "White Elephant" Auction was conducted by Mark & Scott and this too ran smoothly.

"Banner Years" We celebrate the significant milestones of the year!

Louise Cronin 80th Birthday - Presented with a cake and memory book

H. David (Uncle Dave) Trautlein 70th Birthday - Presented with a cake, must wait 10 years for the memories

50th Birthday's Fred & Les Trautlein and Kathy Pitman

40th Birthday's Jude Anne Trautlein, Mark Axer and David Trautlein

30th Birthday's Kathy Esquillin and Jesse DeGraff

20th Birthday Sara Trautlein (also got her first car)

10th Birthday's Mike Gormley and Christopher Torrison

10th Wedding Anniversary Steve & Laurie Gormley

Graduation from College - Suzanne - Also started her 1st full time job at Locheed Martin (YEA!)

After the auction, the family spent time visiting, catching up, and generally behaving well into the wee hours.

Early Sunday morning, the activities started again. Breakfast was cooked by many - Shelly seemed to have taken over her Uncles duties and produced many delicious omelet's.

Well, it's Labor Day and this is but a first pass at putting a few words down on paper we used to say, but now it's up on the net. So long for this section for now. FST

Previous Year

The 1996 Annual TRAUTLEIN Family Reunion was held on Saturday July 13, 1996 at Frances Slocum State Park

The H. David Trautlein Family hosted the event. David & Karen had an unexpected guest, Bertha.

Due to superior contingency planning, the Good Will Hose Volunteer Fire Department Hall replaced the park as the reunion site.

Bertha provided a great deal of water to the east coast and into the Wilkes-Barre area. Nearly forty family members braved the rain to attended the event.

Winners of the farthest disance travelled award were Margaret Burton (Dave DeGraff's widow) and her son Jesse DeGraff. They reside in California and flew east for the event. Tom & Barb Trautlein and guest Ronn Fluff drove the farthest from Albuquerque via Alabama. Marylu, Scott, Christopher & Elizabeth also drove from Alabama through Michigan, OH, PA, NY, CT, & NJ to PA. Travelling the farthest on Saturday morning were Vaune, Steve, Colleen, and Allison Newvine.

Shortly after the park opening at 8:00AM HDT braved the elements and went to the park to provide directions to the contingency site. No one showed up, so HDT finally shrugged his sholders, packed up the coffee pot, and headed for the Good Will Hose Hall.

The main meal was served on schedule at noon. The scheduled 3:00PM Family softball game was posponed until July 26, 1997.

The Trautlein generation group photo's were taken on schedule and this year individual family group photos were also taken. David Trautlein's digital photos are on the web at FST's Website then choose 7/14 Pics . More photos will be added as soon as they're available. Email Fred if you would like to receive notification when new items are added.

The white elephant sale followed the photo shoot.

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Aunt Angie & Uncle Dave


Jesse DeGraff (rev 5/98)

Joanne & Bruce Herb (rev 5/98)

Kathy & Van Pittman & Heather O'Connor

George, Diane, Jennifer, Christopher & Willie Trautlein

Vaune, Steve, Allison & Colleen Newvine

David Karen, Matt & Philip Trautlein

Sharon & Bill Luciw or see Sharon & Bill's Web Site - very interesting!

Tim Shelly, Chlsea & Ben Reynolds

Stephanie & Chris Gormley

** Cousin (added 5/98) Jane (Mandel) & Larry Hurley or their site TEAMS, Inc.**

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