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Who are we?   We are Jeff Domenick and the Fraction!

But some of our friends call us "THE FRACTION" for short...


We are musicians...old ones. After a number of years playing the original club circuit, WE GAVE UP! We play songs that other people write (just like Britney Spears does, and the Philadelphia Orchestra...). 

Once per month or so, we drag ourselves out of the house and give EVERYTHING WE HAVE to the music we play and to the people that come to see us, though we do take somewhat long breaks in between sets, mainly to talk to our good friends that come out to share the music with us, but also to drink. We PLAY HARD, but you won't see us jump around, smash things, or bite the heads off live animals (or dead ones). We are NOT significantly pierced. Only one of us has a tattoo (not Jeff). WE ARE NOT STYLISH!   We aren't evil...except Paul during set up, sound checks, and when deciding what song to play next...

Our music encompasses many eras and styles, including 90's  "pop", like Counting Crows, Dave Matthews, Santana, REM, Wallflowers, 80's stuff like Black Crowes, Paul Simon, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dire Straits, Tom Petty, and Bob Marley, and 60's/70's rock like Allman Bros., Grateful Dead, Van Morrison, Who, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, CSN, The Band, Pink Floyd, and Little Feat. We even throw in some stuff from the 21st century!!! (sometimes) DO NOT BE AFRAID. We don't bite (we have dentures!!), and we look a little bit goofy with the "comb overs", fake tattoos, and socks in our leather pants....

We are:

Jeff Domenick - Guitar, Vocals

Paul Spiegel - Guitar, Vocals

Greg Decker
- Keyboards, Vocals

Richard Reinert
- Bass, vocals

Rick Antonini
- Drums...

Steve Trice - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

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If you have any suggestions for a new name for the band, please e-mail by clicking below:


Note that "You Guys Suck" has already been suggested and voted on by the band, and in a close 3 to 2 vote (Steve abstained), we've decided to wait for something that doesn't add subject matter to our therapy sessions...


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Here are some sample live recordings of the Fraction playing at the Blarney Stone in September of 2005 and June of 2011! For information on live recordings for your band or special event, click to send e-mail to Road Trip Mobile Recording Co.

Song Link 1 (Let it Roll)

Song Link 2 (Ain't Wastin Time)

Song Link 3 (Smooth)

Song Link 4 (Wagon Wheel)

Song Link 5 (Not Fade Away)

Song Link 6 (Jessica)


Thanks to everyone that continues to come out and support Jeff and the Fraction. Your support allows us to continue to go out and do what we love on a regular basis, so we can't thank you enough - you are the best!! -- The Fraction

ANNOUNCEMENT - This web site will be "simplified" in the coming months, and will become just a one page calendar. Most of you skip the drivel, as most of it was written over 10 years ago. So for the next several months, if there are song requests from our live show archives that you'd like to hear on this site, please send an e-mail, and we'll post it until the simplification happens. We have almost every song we do available: Send mail to: 

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