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The TV Evangelist Game

Wayne Everett Orgar

October 2004

About ten years ago, I managed to get my hands on an irreverent game call Fleece The Flock, created by Tongue-In-Cheek productions in 1989. I won it as a prize at a party. It seemed fitting considering I was the only atheist at the party. My look of delight at winning this prize caused frowns among my co-workers. Modeled after Monopoly, it uses a game board where pieces are moved by rolling dice. The object is to compete with other evangelists in procuring assets and influence.

The rules come in a Ten Commandments-shaped folder and are divided into sections as follows:

1. Thou Shalt Establish a Ministry

2. Thou Shalt Select a Treasurer

3. Thou Shalt Proceed in an Orderly Fashion

4. Thou Shalt Give and Receive

5. Thou Shalt Buy and Build

6. Thou Shalt make Decisions

7. Thou Shalt Collect

8. Thou Shalt Wheel and Deal

9. Thou Shalt Not Cheat (Unless you can get away with it)

10.Thou Shalt Win or Go Broke

Play money is used to buy, pay fines, and receive donations. Landing on certain spaces on the game board will allow you to buy theme parks, TV stations, and collect millions. You may also land on spaces called Angel Card, Devil Card, or God's Will Card. These correspond to piles of cards by these names. Some examples of these cards are:

Angel Card - Major magazine exposes your ministry as for-profit organization. Pay $1 million advertising to counteract bad publicity.

Devil Card - Major Miracle! You pray-off tornado that levels neighboring towns. Collect $1 million or pay half price for a Corporate Jet.

God's Will Card - Your Missionaries introduce Type A behavior. Send boat load of tranquilizers. Take a Devil Card

If you ever have a party and want to play, let me know.